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Simply put – every property requires adequate drainage. When your land cannot drain property, water begins to accumulate. This creates an anaerobic environment that is harmful to the roots of your vegetation. Eventually, your vegetation will die without proper oxygenation.

Kustom Lawn Kare possesses years of experience in providing drainage and water management services to property owners just like you. We are capable of handling both residential and commercial water management projects.

We Provide Drain Services to Both Residential and Commercial Properties in Allegany, Cattaraugus County, NY, and Surrounding Areas

French Drains

A french drain is usually filled with gravel and contains a perforated pipe that redirects surface water away from a certain area on your property. We use them to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. They offer an alternative to open ditches or storm sewers for streets and highways. French drains also work well to distribute water into areas better suited for retention.

Riprap Stone

We install riprap stone to protect soil from erosion in areas with excess runoff. It is made up of a slate of larger stones that are connected and held together. Riprap acts as a barrier on slopes that are unstable because of seepage problems or in areas that are exposed to a constant flow. The stones also work to stabilize slopes by preventing erosion and providing support to the surrounding areas.

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Protecting your land from water damage and erosion helps accessibility, compliance with local ordinances, and keeps your property neat! The experts at Kustom Lawn Kare possess the equipment, the knowledge, and the passion to get the job done correctly!

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