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It’s important to pay close attention to your property in the winter. The snow will build up and create hazards and stop travel altogether. Managing this snow buildup is essential to keeping your property safe. Kustom Lawn Kare offers snow services to both residential and commercial properties.

We Provide Lawn Maintenance to Both Residential and Commercial Properties in Allegany, Cattaraugus County, NY, and Surrounding Areas

We are capable of handling larger projects like commercial parking lots, but we take on smaller projects such as residential properties, too! Our services include applying ice melt to the snow, or complete removal and hauling away if necessary.

Why is Snow Removal Important?

We can all agree that the snow is beautiful. However, when left unmanaged it potentially becomes a liability or simply a nuisance on your property. Consider the following:

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Slips, Trips, & Falls

As the snow begins to build up, it makes the ground much slicker. This will increase accidents. Slip and falls can result in something as minor as a scrape to more serious injuries like a slipped vertebrae or cranial trauma due to falling and hitting your head.

Automobile Accidents

Commercial property owners, take note; icy roads create a slick terrain and decrease a vehicle’s ability to stop abruptly. Hence, this increases your risks of car accidents taking place in the parking lot adjacent property. Not only does this increase your liability, but this also acts as a deterrent – keeping potential customers away.


Most communities have rules where all types of properties need to keep and maintain a clear sidewalk at all times.

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